👋 Hi there! I'm Yuki.

I am an aspiring UX designer pursuing a Master of Educational Technology & Applied Learning Science (METALS) degree in the Human Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating in August 2022.

With my diverse background in design & technology,  I believe it's my mission to make advanced design solutions with a human-centered approach and bring state-of-the-art technologies (such as AI) into the industry to create greater value for the global community.

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I care about human beings, society, and the future.

Growing up reading psychology books & social sci-fi novels, I was fascinated by exploring the human mind and the future of technology & society.

This fascination drove me to study the intersection of design & technology as my major, and explore social sciences & humanities in electives, from Social Psychology to Cultural Anthropology. This hybrid background equipped me with multi-disciplinary perspectives when approaching a problem and deep reflection on social impact and ethical issues technology might bring.

Whatever future technology will bring us, only by incorporating humanity can technology make a difference. Keeping a strong belief in the power of human-centered design & technology combined to change the world, I'm excited to design more thoughtful user experiences in the future of HCI.

Brave New World, one of the social sci-fi novels that shaped my world view. It depicts a future where everyone’s happiness was at the expense of technology’s domination over society.

Shocked by that, I was driven to contribute to another future
- a future where technology incorporates humanity and harmonizes with individuals’ wellbeing.

INFJ (Advocate) - my MBTI type (👈test yours)

I'm instinctively driven by empathy & problem-solving.

As a typical INFJ (Advocate), nothing lights me up like creating a solution that changes people's lives. 💖

When I was a child, I dreamed to be a psychological counselor. To this day, I am still the go-to person for people around me: I enjoy listening to their stories, empathizing with their struggles, and genuinely solving problems for them. Playing the role of my friends' psychological & emotional advisor has instilled more empathy in me and helped me become a better listener.

In the face of every opportunity to help with people’s inner growth and well-being, I asked myself, “What is the problem? How can I fix this?” The moments of contact with real people and seeking solutions for them through empathy is what intrigues me the most about HCI & design.

😝 More Fun Facts!

Born in am artistic family

I inherited my father’s interest in Chinese calligraphy. In primary school, I immersed myself in the beauty of balance & vigor of brush calligraphy. 🖌️

I'm a super lover of Japanese Manga

They taught me to be a brave explorer & dreamer — always dream big, challenge myself, and trust my potential to make the world better. 🌟