While virtually no product or service category has been untouched by the pandemic, few have been disrupted as much as the experience for concert-goers and fans. As the easing of restrictions and accommodations are being considered, brands, venues, officials, and performers themselves are debating whether, when, and under what conditions fans can resume the rituals that so much of their lives revolve around.


depression patients in China


pofessionals & college students


recurrence rate

Medication Discontinuation

the main cause of recurrence

The treatment of depression includes medication and psychotherapy, both of which face difficulties.
  • Depression patients are prone to relapse, if they don't take medicine on time and regularly.
  • Some depression patients lose motivation and action for active treatment.
  • Psychotherapy largely depends on external assistance. Patient cannot do it alone.


Product Design Project @ SCAD Design Challenge
For patients with depression, we designed a portable smart medicine box to help them get better, by transfering medication treatment and Behavioral Activation Therapy into a gamification process.
In this project, I led the design and development in a team of 3.


HMW support the CoB internship experience through the lens of individualized development?
My Role
UX Research
UX Design
UI Design
Jul - Nov, 2020
Figma, InVision, Miro


How might we make a new form of online concert experience that is as amazing as an in-person one?
  • How might we let users take medicine at the correct dose and time?
  • How might we relieve users' anxiety about the disease and improve treatment motivation?
  • How might we encourage them to do beneficial activities?
  • How might we help users gain a sense of mastery and connection?


Make a pillbox like a game console
PillPal is a game-like pillbox to help depression patients get better, by transfering medication treatment and Behavioral Activation Therapy (BAT) to a positive cycle through gamification.

A container a day, keep the wrong medicine away

Overdose of antidepressants can cause great side effects. A container a day, specifying what medications to take every day.

Set a personal medication reminder flexibly

The frequency of medication will be flexibly changed according to the condition.
Every start of a week, the user put in pills, set the frequency and time of medication. PillPal will remind the user to take medicine by ringing.

Take a small step for heath
every day

PillPal encourages users to do some tasks that benefits their physical and mental health, relating to exercises, diet, emotion and habits.
It pushes 5 small health tasks including taking medicine to users every day.

Get motivated and connected
by receiving kind words and passing them on

We let users send each other good words as rewards for completing tasks, in hope of building a connection that ‘We are working tother to overcome this disease, I am not alone’.



In order to identify and understand existing problems within depression treatment and user's struggle, we did extensive research from various aspects, including secondary research and user interview. In our research, we
  • reviewed Chinese depression patients survey report in recent 2 years
  • analyzed 30 self-reports of patients with depression on the Internet
  • consulted 2 psychological experts
  • interviewed 3 patients with depression
  • investigated successful product cases